"That is the DAMNEDEST thing I've ever seen in my LIFE!"
Bobby Unser, Indy 500 Racing Champion

A Fun and Unique, Live Comedy Mentalism Show

From the moment he struts on stage to classic rock music, it is evident that what you're about to witness is more like a party than a dark, weird, and intense experience designed to make you question reality. Curtis' casual nature, quick wit, sarcasm and Midwestern charm instantly creates an environment that makes the room feel like one big, fun, family gathering. Then he proceeds to pull off some of the most surprising, astonishing--and even shocking--things you've ever seen!

Constant Audience Participation

If you're looking for a show where you can just sit back and watch, then this show isn't for you. It's a fast-paced, highly-interactive show where no spectator is safe.  Curtis stands people up out of their seats, throws things into the audience, pulls playing cards out that you're thing about out of his crotch, and sometimes wields a giant wiffle ball bat. He controls people's actions, causes them to read HIS mind, and plays crazy mind games like seeing if someone can save their $100 bill from going through a paper shredder.

Then he is blindfolded by the audience with several layers of cloth and Gorilla Tape and it really gets crazy! He describes random objects from people's pockets and purses, and digs into their minds and reveals funny and usual things about them or that have happened to them. Stuff about people--like you--that he could not possibly know.

And keeps you laughing the entire time he's doing it.
The Mastermind Show is a show where you are directly involved--an unique evening of amazing, live comedy entertainment that you must experience for yourself!

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