Press and promo kit for The Mastermind Show comedy mind reading show with Curtis The Mentalist

Book A Self-Contained, Unique and Hilarious Comedy Mind-Reading Show for your Comedy Club, Theater, or Other Entertainment Venue

"I smell and Emmy Award."

Howard Stern on Curtis' Remarkable Blindfolded Car Drive Through Hollywood

"Great job!"

Legendary Comedy Juggler Michael Davis and World Champion Comedy Magician Michael Finney

"That is the DAMNEDEST thing I've ever seen in my LIFE!"

Bobby Unser, 3-Time Indy 500 Racing Champion

Sizzle Reel and Curtis' Comedy Word Prediction

For comedy clubs, The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist has been enjoying great success as an add-on, one-off show to an already existing comedy club line-up (i.e. a "matinee" or even early evening/5:00 p.m. show).  This helps limit overhead costs and bring in extra dollars on an evening the club will already be open for business!  While most people come to comedy clubs to see stand-up comedians, Curtis’ unique stand-up comedy style of presentation along with his quick wit and off-beat humor create a hilarious, peculiar, astonishing, and highly-interactive show that comedy club audiences have been showing their love for with standing ovations!

The show is a solid 75-minute, one-man show, but can also be shortened to fit into a regular comedy club line-up with both an opening and feature act.

For theaters, cabarets, and other venues, the show requires nothing more than a basic lighting and sound set up, resets quickly and can run one or more nights or multiple performances.  Scroll down below for more information about show set-up requirements.

Concerned about TICKET SALES?  Scroll down for more info below about our current marketing plan that will help you maximize attendance for this show!     

A woman laughs during The Mastermind Show in Little Rock, Arkansas
Volunteer laughs during Curtis' blindfold act at the Mastermind Show

Mastermind Show Marketing Plan

How We Help Sell The Show at Your Club, Theater, or Other Venue

Some of the several ways we work to help promote Curtis' show:

  • Regular and repeat, targeted, paid social media promotions/posts/etc specific to the club/venue location.  Video teasers, posts, and even online ticket contest give-aways used to that end leading up to the show date(s).
  • Curtis promotes each public show on his weekly podcast "The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist." The podcast is seen on YouTube and is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and all other major audio podcast platforms.
  • Reach out to local TV/radio stations for Curtis to perform live, on-air spots promoting the special show at your venue a day or two prior to the event.  Click here to view 5 spots of Curtis on a recent local TV morning show promoting a comedy club!
  • A listing on your club or venue's website/calendar and Facebook, Instagram accounts, etc goes a long way with your built-in audience who just want to come and see something “different."  Just like what is done with your stand-up acts.  Professional headshots, and ready-made optimized social media images can be downloaded from this page to be used towards this end.
  • Downloadable, printable posters for the show, located on this page, can be posted at the venue prior to the show date.
  • The show will be listed on The Mastermind Show’s website calendar, found under the Tickets, Dates, and Showtimes menu.
  • For comedy clubs, Curtis sometimes does 5-10 minute spots opening for other headlining comics earlier in the week, promoting his upcoming show.
  • With sufficient advanced booking of club dates (90 days or more), we do targeted corporate show direct mailings in the same area in order to attempt to book an outside corporate show or event nearby and prior to the date of the club event.  Curtis performs a different show for that event, and uses it as a showcase to promote the show at the club/venue later that same week.  Any client that books also helps Curtis absorb travel and lodging expenses, since usually the condos and other lodging for the comedians is already full at the clubs in most cases.
  • Email blasts to all of Curtis current public and corporate client base, listing his public show appearances.
  • Blindfolded Car Drives, Major Sporting Event Predictions, and other publicity stunts can be scheduled with sufficient advanced notice to promote Curtis' appearance.

All of these are things that Curtis has done (and currently does) with great success at helping to maximize attendance at comedy clubs, cabarets and other venues.  However, this list is by no means exhaustive!  We are open to suggestions that may work best for your specific venue!

    Printable poster for The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist