The Mastermind Show Press Kit

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Brief Biography

Jumping his dirt bike repeatedly without a helmet as a child, playing Dungeons & Dragons for days on end in his teens, and listening to Bill Cosby and George Carlin records for hours at a time alone in his bedroom (the actual vinyl kind that old people often refer to while berating Millenials) are very much to blame for the slightly half-cocked and unpredictable shenanigans of a man known today simply as “Curtis The Mentalist.”

Add a famous magician or two in there as “influencers” and things become even more interesting…and funny.

With such admonishments from adults in his youth as “What the h*ll?” And “Why, you little s**t!", Curtis saw a career in showbusiness and has been busting guts and bending minds with his unusual and hilarious style of mind-reading and magical comedy entertainment ever since. But don’t worry-- he isn’t psychic, won’t embarrass you, and doesn’t talk to dead people; yet somehow he is able to dig out some of your funniest and strangest thoughts…and it’s hilarious! As Curtis often says, “what could be funnier than real things that have happened to people and the crazy stuff that goes on in all of our minds?”

He hasn’t won any awards (he thinks they’re stupid anyway), but he has been winning the hearts and minds of audiences around the country for three decades.

Agency-Friendly Promo Reel

About The Show

About The Show:
- Show length: 75 minutes
- Highly-interactive with direct audience participation and plenty of humor.
- Comedy Club Bookers; this is mostly an "adults only" show.  However, Curtis has a more "family-friendly" version of the show that is rated PG-13.

  • One small table capable of holding prop bag weighing about 40 lbs (surface of table should be about 36" x 36")
  • 1 small chair and 1 stool
  • One mic stand
  • For theatres or larger auditoriums, 2 Wireless Hand-Held Microphones.  For most comedy clubs (seating 200 people or less), a single wireless or corded hand-held microphone will do.
  • Curtis controls all sound cues and music playback with an Audio Ape wireless playback system.  PA system must accommodate mp3 auxiliary music playback via 3.5 mm cable jack input or XLR jack (a standard microphone jack)
  • Black or blue ink pens (no pencils or markers) on tables for most everyone in attendance.  Audience members will write things down throughout the show and these must be set out prior to the performance.  Curtis will provides all writing materials.

Brief Show Description

The Mastermind Show is a 75-minute wild ride of quirky and surprising humor and mind-bending demonstrations.  Throughout the show, random audience members are selected to play various mind games, get a chance to save their own $100 bill from a paper shredder, and draw pictures and think of random thoughts that Curtis is somehow able to always discover and reveal in an hilarious and astonishing manner.

As a grand finale, Curtis is blindfolded in a ridiculous manner (wrapping his face with Gorilla Tape, silver dollars over his eyes, and a cloth blindfold, all examined by two audience members).  He then calls audience members out at random, telling them about the random personal items that are in their purses and pockets, hysterical and strange things that they've done or experienced, and anything else he can discover!  It's an act that is as funny as it is utterly astonishing, and always has people walking away saying "how did you know that about me?"

The show ends in an over-the-top fashion with Curtis doing an hilarious stripper dance, removing his shirt to reveal a spectator's randomly thought of word written on his bare chest in black magic marker! This finale always elicits howls of laughter and applause, and often a standing ovation!


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