The Mastermind Show Podcast with Curtis The Mentalist

Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa Oklahoma

Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa

Come and experience Tulsa’s NEWEST and most EXTRAORDINARY LIVE comedy show!  The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist is unlike any other comedy show you’ll ever experience.  After all, what is funnier than the things that go on inside people’s minds?  Join Curtis for a 75-minute wild ride as he yanks thoughts from your mind, influences your every action, and tells you hilarious things about you and your past that he couldn’t possibly know!  And he isn’t even PSYCHIC!  Can Curtis read YOUR mind?  Don your tin foil hats and guard your thoughts, Curtis The Mentalist is in town!

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Hourly Schedule

Saturday Early Show

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Saturday Early Show
Saturday's first show begins one hour earlier than shows during the weeknights.
10:30 pm. - 11:55 pm.
Saturday Late Show
Saturday offers a second, late show.


Oct 24 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa


Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa
6808 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK 74133
Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa


Loony Bin Comedy Club Tulsa
Tickets and Info

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