More Fun Things To Do In Wichita

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More Fun Things To Do In Wichita

Wichitans are often complaining that there needs to be more fun things to do in Wichita.  

While I agree with this sentiment somewhat, let me add a little perspective.

One of the problems is that the average Wichitan--once they do something--they've "done it" and even if it was a killer event, they aren't likely to do it again: anytime soon, anyway.  

Yet they will watch the same shows on Netflix over and over and over.  Even enjoy them.  Why?  Because it's at-the-ready, and requires little to nothing from them.

Live entertainment (and even movies and TV) is a lot like cooking dinner; a lot of prep time, detail and effort goes into putting together a good meal; yet that same meal can be completely consumed in just a few minutes.

Or you can just pop the shitty, prepackaged food in the microwave and cram it in your pie hole within minutes.  Love that 30-second button.  That's easier, isn't it?

Microwave-ready entertainment; is that really what people want?  I think we all know that a good, slow, home-cooked meal is not only actually better tasting, it is better for our health in the long run.

Do we really need MORE fun things to do?  Or should we maybe just open our pantry door and see what we can whip together? 



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