Episode 11: How To Be More Productive and Accomplish Things That Seem Difficult or Impossible

Have you ever tried and tried to accomplish certain things, and it seems like it's all to no avail?  Ever wanted to do something really badly and just couldn't seem to make it work?  Today Curtis shares his first five steps to helping you maximize your productivity and accomplish things that you've previously thought difficult if not impossible.   These aren't steps full of psycho-babble or positive-thinking nonsense; these are steps created and tested personally by Curtis himself over the past 25 years, and in this episode he shares the first five steps, and talks about the life-changing encounter he had with a friend that gave birth to it all.

Among the topics he discusses:

The Initial Shift--Turning Your Task Into A Game or Sport

Committing 100%

Raising The Stakes

Breaking It Into Pieces

The Gift of Time Limits