Episode 12: PART II--How To Be More Productive and Accomplish Things That Seem Difficult or Impossible

Picking up where he left off last week, Curtis outlines a few more items in his tried-and-true, SIMPLE (but not necessarily EASY) formula.  No psycho-babble or self-help, rah-rah nonsense.  Just real, practical stuff.

Avoiding much of the minutiae involved in some of the steps, he discusses a the following additional aspects of the formula:

GIVING YOURSELF A TIME LIMIT  (Helping to propel the tasks forward and eliminate procrastination)

STARTING THE GAME!  (Why some people can't seem to just get STARTED)

MOMENTUM  (Part of the main crux of the formula is building momentum.  Without it you will accomplish very little.)

DEVELOP A SWAGGER  (Making "Kick it in the Teeth" a way of life)