Episode 6: Special Guest--Broadway Star & Mentalist Marc Salem

My guest today holds two doctorate degrees, each from the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University.  He has also been on the faculty of several major universities, was a director of research at Sesame Street "Children's Television Workshop" where he studied the development and nature of mental processes for almost a decade.  He is also a world-class entertainer, and is mostly known to the general public as one of the world's leading mentalists.  His show, Mind Games, has completed two successful runs on Broadway, as well as internationally in such venues as the Sydney Opera House, Singapore's Esplanade, London's West End, and the Edinburgh Festival.  In the U.S. he has also been featured at Feinstein's at The Regency, and the Apollo Theater.  He has been profiled on 60 Minutes, and been featured on Court TV (weekly doing some form of analysis), CNN, The O'Reilly Factor, Montel, and Maury. The New York Police Department, as well as businesses across the United States, have turned to him for advice.   During his graduate work at University of Pennsylvania, his mentor was Ray Birdwhistell, the founder of Kinesics and author of (book "Kin EE sics in Context"), Ray's work has been seminal to his practice.  Edward Hull called it "The Silent Language"--body language--a language that most of us speak.  He is the author of --Mind Games: A Practical Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Your Mental Powers, and The Six Keys to Unlock and Empower Your Mind, Spot Liars and Cheats, Negotiate Any Deal to Your Advantage, Win at the Office, Influence Friends, and Much More.  I'm thrilled to have as my guest...in the magic world the man Dai Vernon is known as "The Professor" but for me, personally, this man is "The Professor"...and has been very generous and kind to me over the years...the professor Marc Salem!
In the interview we discuss:
  • What happened to Liza Minelli when she sat in the front row at one of his shows.
  • How he treats hecklers at his shows
  • His friendship with famous playwright Arthur Miller
  • How he shared the stage with comedians Jimmy Walker, Jerry Seinfeld, and Andy Kaufman in his early years.
  • His famous interview with Mike Wallace on 60 minutes
  • His interview on the Howard Stern show
  • The stunt that gained him international fame early in his career; the prediction of Elvis Presley's death
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