Fun Show in Tulsa

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Fun new show in Tulsa is the Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist

Comedy Mind Reader Brings Touring Show To Tulsa

Monthly Show Offers Amazing and Unique Comedy Entertainment

He's not psychic, and he doesn't talk to your dead relatives nor read your sweaty palms.

Yet he is somehow able to yank thoughts from your mind, influence you to do weird things, pull things you're thinking of out of his pants (not THAT thing...) and do wild things while completely blindfolded with super sticky Gorilla Tape stuck to his face.  He's known as "Curtis The Mentalist" and he's bringing his unique and mind-blowing shenanigans to Tulsa in a new monthly show at the Loony Bin Comedy Club.

Don your tin foil hats and guard your thoughts as Curtis takes you on a 75-minute wild ride with his hilarious and mind-bending mentalism demonstrations.  This is not your typical magic show or some snooty and pretentious intellectual discourse on the "power of the mind."  It's a fun and highly-interactive adult comedy mental magic show with loads of surprises and plenty of peculiar--and rather twisted--humor.

Reserve your seats TODAY for this extraordinarily fun and unique show!

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