Driving Tips For Beginners in USA

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Crazy looking driver with a steering wheel in his hands

Watch Out for Drivers On The Road!In this newer short-form video podcast, Curtis talks about a recent trip to Tulsa, OK, this past weekend.  Some of the drivers he encountered prompted him to put forth … Read More

Hit and Run in Wichita Saturday Night and GoFundMe to Help Lynny Poell

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Help Lynny Poell Go Fund Me Pic

HELP US HELP LYNNY’S FAMILY!The young lady who was a victim in Saturday nights hit and run in Wichita, KS, is a friend of my daughter and her fiancé’s.  Today’s episode is short and…not sweet, … Read More

Don’t You Hate It When People Make Up Arbitrary Rules?

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I Hate Arbitrary Rules Podcast Episode Photo

Arbitrary Rules, Terrible Waiters, and Why You Should NEVER Use Social Media Credentials to Log Into Third Party AppsDon’t you hate it when people create arbitrary rules, or at least enforce legitimate ones arbitrarily? When … Read More

Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Accounts

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Don't Feed The Beast Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Don’t Feed The Beast!  Deleting Your Social Media and Military Appreciation MonthDo you respect people MORE once you follow them on social media?  When was the last time you had a GOOD memory as a … Read More

Scams 2021 Is This The Golden Era?

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Is 2021 The Golden Era of Scams

Episode 9–Is 2021 The Golden Era of Scams and Frauds?Scams 2021–The Golden Era of Scams? With the significant rise of scam complaints throughout the pandemic, some are calling this the “Golden Era” and blaming social … Read More

Get Out of Your Head and Uri Geller and the Ship in the Suez Canal

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Podcast Episode 7 Uri Geller and the Suez Canal

Episode 7–A Challenge to “Get Out of Your Head”A bit of a different episode, today I talk about my experience at a recent comedy club in Tulsa this past weekend, the “Grammar Nazi,” why we … Read More

He Predicted Elvis Presley’s Death? Mentalist Marc Salem Interview

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Marc Salem Predicted Elvis Presley's Death

Episode 6: Special Guest–Broadway Star & Mentalist Marc SalemMy guest today holds two doctorate degrees, each from the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University.  He has also been on the faculty of several major … Read More

Road Kill Stories with Britain’s Got Talent Star Matt Johnson

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Podcast Guest Matt Johnson Podcast Episode Image

Episode 5: Escapologist & Magician Matt JohnsonWelcome to the first episode of the podcast in VIDEO FORMAT!  Curtis’ guest today is originally from the UK and now resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He’s been performing … Read More