Curtis The Mentalist performs The Mastermind Show monthly at Wichita's Loony Bin Comedy Club

Come & Experience the most MIND-BLOWING and UNIQUE LIVE COMEDY Mentalism show!

Curtis knows what you're thinking...and it's HILARIOUS!

Come and experience a show you and your friends, family, or co-workers will never forget.  The Mastermind Show with Curtis The Mentalist!

Comedy mentalist and magician Curtis Waltermire  began entertaining audiences with his unique and hilarious style of magic and mentalism in the late 1980's, and now presents his new, amazing and hilarious comedy mind-reading show at comedy clubs, theaters, cabarets, and other venues and entertainment destinations all over the United States.    

Bring your tin foil hats and guard your thoughts as Curtis dives into your minds and reveals the funniest secrets of random audiences members such as the time they repaired their satellite dish on the roof of their house wearing only their underwear, when they stapled their pants to the floor, and childhood secrets such as shooting the hot neighbor girl across the street in the butt with a BB gun.

Funny and unusual stuff that he couldn't possibly know about people--like you--that he's never met.  After all, what is be funnier than the real-life experiences of random strangers and the things that go on in people's minds?

Yet he's not psychic, doesn't talk to dead people (unless they're in the audience), and possesses no special "gifts." He just loves blowing people's minds and having a lot of fun in the process; and he's guaranteed to have you laughing the entire time he's doing it. 

Curtis is like a Harlem Globetrotter of magic, mind-reading and comedy; he'll razzle-dazzle and entertain you with his unusual skills, yet you don't really expect him to win any championship games, predict your future, or solve any of life's deepest problems.  Yet he's been winning the hearts and minds of people all across America for over 30 years.    

It's the most unusual, hysterical and absolutely mind-blowing night of comedy entertainment like nothing you've ever seen. 

Seating is always limited, so reserve your seats TODAY!  

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