"I smell an Emmy Award..."
Howard Stern

Hilarious Comedy Mind Reading Show!

Your best date night.  Something crazy with family and friends.  A time you and your co-workers will talk about for weeks.  Come and experience an astonishing, fun and highly-interactive LIVE show that will give you this and more!

Over 30 Years of Comedy Mentalism and Magic

Comedy mentalist and magician Curtis Waltermire  began entertaining audiences with his unique and hilarious style of mind reading, magic and mentalism in the late 1980's. Today he presents his new, amazing and hilarious comedy mind reading show at comedy clubs, theaters, cabarets, and other venues and entertainment destinations all over the United States.
Comedy mentalist Curtis Waltermire by Kacy Meinecke Photography
The Mastermind Show is a comedy mind reading and mentalism show like you've never seen.  Bring your tin foil hats and guard your thoughts!  Curtis dives into your minds and pulls out some of your funniest thoughts and memories; like the time you repaired your satellite dish on the roof of your house wearing only your underwear; when you were once so drunk you stapled your pants to the floor, or when you were a kid and shot the hot red-headed neighbor girl across the street in the butt with pump-action BB gun.

Funny and unusual stuff that he couldn't possibly know about people--like you--that he's never met.  After all, what could be funnier than the real-life experiences of random strangers and the things that go on in people's minds?
Don't worry--he's not out to embarrass or humiliate you.  Unless you act like a jerk. It's just a fun and highly-interactive show full of mind-blowing stunts and many surprises!

Can Curtis pick up on YOUR funny thoughts?  GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY AND FIND OUT!